Indulge yourself.

Give the world a better you when you start and end each day in the calm and comfort of your ITALKRAFT bath.




Elevate the Routine

ITALKRAFT applies an innately Italian sensibility to the creation of the perfect custom made bathrooms for each client. From the sumptuous to the sleek, ITALKRAFT quality elevates every aesthetic to the sublime. From initial layout to finish and hardware selection, to full installation using our unrivaled network of technicians and tradespeople, leave it to ITALKRAFT.

Every step of the way, ITALKRAFT is there, bringing to life your dream of the perfect custom made bathrooms.


Savour the Ritual

What’s your style? Do you enjoy soaking in a tub, or are you a shower-only person? To get started, why not take a look at our custom made bathrooms? Of course, every ITALKRAFT bath is custom built to your home, it all starts with style, finish and color that best suits your taste and your home.


bath drawer

Bath After Sketch



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